Different Types of Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sinks are essential fixtures in every bathroom, and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Here are the 7 most common types of bathroom sinks:

Under Mount Sinks

Under mount sinks have become popular over recent years because of their modern, sleek style. The sink attaches to the counter below for a flush, elegant look. They are very practical and easy to keep clean, as there is no lip or overhang that collects dust.

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are stylishly shaped and provide the user with a unique look in their bathroom. They stand on top of the counter, and some are even crafted from luxury materials such as glass or solid wood. It’s important to be aware that vessel sinks may not be compatible with all vanity tops and require a larger cut hole.

Wall-Mount Sinks

Wall-mounted sinks are becoming more popular these days, and they can have an added bonus of creating more usable space in a bathroom. The sink is attached directly to the wall, which gives the bathroom a clean look that free up space beneath.

Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal sinks are classic and elegant, and come with a built-in stand. They are often made from ceramic and are available in traditional and modern styles. These sinks are ideal for small bathrooms, as the pedestal takes up little room and can even provide more storage.

Drop-In Sinks

Drop-in sinks are the most common type of sinks found in bathrooms. They are usually made from porcelain or stainless steel and require an overhang or lip to secure the sink into the counter.

Console Sinks

Console sinks are traditional-style sinks that feature metal or wooden legs. They come in a variety of designs and can be used to add a vintage look to a bathroom. Console sinks require more maintenance, as the exposed metal and wood have to be kept clean.

Counter-top Sinks

Countertop sinks are becoming more popular in modern bathrooms, as they provide a unique look. These types of sinks sit on top of the counter, as the name suggests, and require no cutouts or installation.

Depending on your budget, style, and space requirements, each of these types of bathroom sinks can provide you with a unique and practical solution.

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